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Chloe's Perspective

As the most recent addition to the Lawrence family, I am currently the focus of most attention. 

Fresh from the womb


I spend most of my spare time sleeping and swinging in a chair, but I also enjoy drooling and putting things in my mouth.

In the baby gym

Regular workouts in the baby gym are an important part of my fitness regime. However to really stay in shape there I enjoy a good stretch of the lungs. 

Me getting fed by Granddad

There is nothing like the peace and quiet of early morning, normally around 4:00 am, for a quick snack and a little reflection on life's issues. Fortunately, Mommy is always obliging enough to assist in these nocturnal activities. Daddy, on the other hand, prefers to sleep through the night, but I do manage to spend some quality time with him and his Playstation in the evenings before bed. 

Current Research

Crinkly materials and faces are two of my main areas of research, but on occasion I focus my attention on people speaking at me in high pitched tones. My Grandmother, Valerie, is particularly good at this.

Listen with Gran

Although I don't get to see a lot of her, we talk regularly on the phone.

I am lucky to be have my Aunt Jodie close at hand. I suspect a later area of research will be all those rings she has on her hands, fascinating.

Me with Aunt Jodie


I'm not too keen on pacifiers they are no substitute for the real thing.


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