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Garth Lawrence

Garth Lawrence died on 22nd October at 15:10 from mesothelioma. He spent his last four days with family at his bed side at the Macmillan Unit in Northern General Hospital.

New Arrival 5

On 16th October 2006 at 19:13 precisely Paolo Garth Lawrence was born.

Nona Lawrence

On 23rd March 2004 Nona Lawrence died from heart failure in Warwick Hospital. She had been due to return home that day.

New Arrival 4

On 7th January 2003 at 11:00 am precisely Frederick Antonio Lawrence was born.

New Arrival 3

On 8th April 2002 Sophie Catherine Lawrence was born.

Fred Lawrence

Sadly, Fred Lawrence died on 27th December 2001, after spending a lovely Christmas day with his wife Nona.

Fred Lawrence’s 90th birthday was on the 13th of October, photos here.

New Arrival 2

On 1st July 2000 Chloe Frances Lawrence was born. There are some pictures here.

New Arrival 1

On 1st July 2000 their marriage was blessed in England.

On 27th May 2000 Marta and Neil got Married.