Nona and Fred

Nona Lawrence died at approximately 9:00 am on 23rd March 2004 in Warwick hospital where she was being treated for heart problems. She had been due to return home that day. In the days leading up to her death she was in good spirits, looking forward to going home and sharing her 90th Birthday with her family at the Warwick races.

Sadly, Fred Lawrence died on 27th December 2001 in Warwick hospital, where he was being treated for an eye infection.

Fred's 90th birthday was on the 13th October, you can see pictures here.

Second World War Book

Fred Lawrence was in the Royal Engineers between 1942 and 1946. He wrote a book about his experiences which can be summarised as an ordinary man's experiences of the Second World War. You can see his book here. It is in pdf format. The copyright of this book remains with the author.

Recently Garth donated a copy of the book to the Imperial War Museum in London. This is the letter he received from their archivist.