Marta and Neil

Marta and Neil's Homepage

On August 1st 2010 Neil moved back to Sheffield to take a shared position across Sheffield's SITraN institute and the Department of Computer Schience.

On January 1st 2007 Neil starts a new job at the University of Manchester's School of Computer Science.

On October 16th 2006 Paolo Garth Lawrence was born.

There are photos of Frederick's first birthday here.

On January 7th 2003 Frederick Antonio Lawrence was born.

On December 11th 2001 Neil and Marta moved into their new house, see photos here.

Marta works at the University of Sheffield's Biomedical Science Deptartment. There are some photos of a workshop held in Sheffield on Uncertainty in Geometric Computation here. Up until July 2001 Neil was working for Microsoft Research in Cambridge. These photos come from his year there that year.

Marta and Neil met at a workshop in the Newton Institute, Cambridge while doing PhD's at the Computer Lab and at the University of Naples.

One of Marta's hobbies is making fun of her mother (in collaboration with her brother). La Famiglia Milo (Marta's family) live on the slopes of Vesuvius in Naples. This site has a photo of their town, San Sebastiano, being destroyed in the 1944 eruption.

During his PhD Neil typed up his Granddad's book about the Second World War.